Drum lessons in London

Unlike many others, I started my drumming rather late, perhaps because I grew up around drum kits (my father is also a drummer/percussionist) and wanted to try something different. As an young teenager, I approached the instrument naturally, unprovoked, with my own pace - which turned out to be rather intense. I had drum lessons at home and, soon after, started going from school to school, meeting different teachers, aching to know how to play drums.

Many years have gone by and so have many, many drum lessons, meetings with drummers, workshops full of rudiments, technique and play-along tips which I am now ready to share with you. If you are looking for drum lessons in London, have a look at my typical drum lesson plan and do not hesitate to contact me, for any sort of info.





If you are after private lessons, I teach in a spacious, silent and comfortable equipped studio in Islington (just 200yds from Highbury & Islington tube station). You will be playing on a fine 5-piece drum-kit, which is constantly tuned and equipped with new heads. There is also a piano, which I use to play along, explain basics of theory and harmony (particularly useful to understand song structure, progression and so on).

Teaching hours can be flexible, with preference towards afternoons, 1pm-9pm.

I also teach at the Royal Holloway - University of London (Egham) and at the University of York. Sessions can also be arranged for me to come to your studio, within reasonable distance (rate change will apply).

The studio is big enough to host other instrumentalists. I like running some collective lessons do develop drum techniques, ear training and instrumental workshop (tuning, maintenance, sticks and career advice).

So, if you are interested in drum lessons in London, feel free to contact me for quotes, timetables and any sort of info.





As a MIDI drumming enthusiast, I started collecting various instruments, pieces of software, scripts and creating my own patches in order to expand the sound palette and functionality. My current set-up includes a DTXplorer connected to a DD-75 (for extra cymbals), a launchpad and a nanoKontrol (with appropriate Ableton scripts) on the side, accompanied by a 2-octaves keyboard for extra functionality and a nice audiotechnica microphone, for everything else.

If you are into technology, I can show you how to set up drums and devices, give you tutorials on DAWs, including Logic Studio Pro 9, Pro Tools and Ableton Live! 8.



If you would like to have some drum lessons in London, check out my drum lesson plan or contact me for more info.