Music workshops

Since the very early days of my career, I paid great attention to the didactic world. Teaching on a one-to-one basis is an integral part of my professional path, but I also enjoy delivering percussion workshops to a very diverse audience.

I have taken the liberty to list some of my most recent projects. Please check the other pages for more info and do not hesitate to contact me, for a quote on a specific workshop or for a consultancy on designing a new one.

I have experience in workshops and concert lessons with students from kindergarten to postgraduates, with groups of 8-10 to 20 or, in large scale and with other two percussionists, with up to 150-200 students.


Military Drum Tradition


Amongst the subjects I can teach:

- Percussion Early days: a 1-day workshop for kindergarten children on small djembes, or any available drum. I have a collection of Afro-Cuban rhythms that I would ideally perform on a set of congas, together with some backing loops (basic PA required on site) to show the voices and their build-up.

- Composers Master-class: targeted for undergraduate and postgraduate composers, 2 to 4hr session. This will include tips and tricks on notation, understanding and appreciation of the different kinds of mallets and sticks and various extended techniques on the available instruments. I will provide the composers with the basic knowledge of how a multi-percussion set-up works (i.e. the physical distances between the instruments, the time needed for the change of sticks, the possibility of polyrhythms).

- Drum Circles: for adult learners, groups of 5 (or more, according to the instrumentation available). Conga, Quinto and Tumba will be used to re-create the most interesting of African rhythms, together with some Latin-American grooves. This course (10 x 1.5hr lessons) is particularly suitable for amateurs who want a soft approach to a curious instrument, be part of an ensemble and, after some evenings of fun and practice, a showcase performance.

- E-drumming: similar to drum circles, this is a great alternative for courses to be held in offices, during lunch break or just after working hours. Where drums are too loud, heavy or expensive, MIDI drum-kits offer a compact, easy and fun solution. The new mesh heads are extremely silent and even the cheapest of models allows for an AUX IN, to play along with any track. I have created a series of individual power-lessons (15minutes) that are perfect to get some steam off before the second part of the working day.